Housing Inspection Visit​s

Curtin University’s Housing Services now offers a free service to landlords in which we can arrange a time to visit your property for an informal inspection. During the visit we will check that your property meets certain criteria, after which we may award a badge to your listing to show that Housing Services staff have viewed it. We can only visit properties within the general vicinity of the Bentley campus.

The advantages to this are:

  • Properties which feature the badge will be displayed more prominently in our listings;
  • Potential tenants will be assured that your property/room is of an appropriate standard and;
  • Housing staff will have a better idea of what your property/room is like and will be better able to recommend your accommodation.

To get an idea of what we look for, you can view our checklist here.

We can also provide you with a housing information pack outlining the rights and responsibilities of both landlord and tenant.

All badges will come under review every six months and you may need to contact us to renew your badge.

You can book an inspection by emailing Housing Services. Please note that, if you have any existing tenants in the property, you may be required to give between seven and 14 days' notice to your tenant and negotiate a mutually agreeable time with them.